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Welcome to Amulets & Armor!

Amulets & Armor is an arcade RPG that takes you through a fantasy world full of elves, wolves, warriors, mages, and mythical creatures as you go on quests. Level up your character and become more powerful as you learn more spells, find more items, and reap the many rewards of the adventures.

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A&A Classic Editor

The editor files are now available on the download page.

The source files for the original levels are now available here: Level Sources

Editor Help Pages

Editor Main Page - Check this page out for tutorials and help using Doom Builder

Scripting Help Pages

Scripting Main Page - Help with learning the scripting engine, compiling, and troubleshooting

Community Maps

Community Maps List is a collection of custom made maps. Show us what you can create and enjoy the game in new and interesting ways.

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# Difficulty Level Maps Reward Name Goal
1 Easy 1st 5 10 GP Visions of Jugurtha Return with Jugurtha's Journal
2 Medium Easy 4th 3 20 GP The Knights of Andrew Find the Necklace of Andrew
3 Medium 5th 6 150k EXP Elmore's Retreat Retrieve the Orb of Defense
4 Medium 7th 4 50 GP Exiguus and the Undead Bring back the Orb of the Undead
5 Medium 10th 4 35 GP/200k EXP Temple of Astarte Take out Elymas and get his notes
6 Hard 10th 3 75 GP The Lost City Get the Wand of Disintegration
7 Very Hard 12th 5 100 GP/350k EXP Destruction Find the stolen Orb of Destruction


Name STR CON ACC STL MAG SPD Armor Weapons Magik System
Citizen 25 25 25 25 25 25 All All Arcane
Knight 35 35 20 15 10 15 All All Arcane
Mage 10 15 25 25 35 20 Leather Staff/Dagger Mage
Warlock 25 20 20 20 30 10 Up to Chain No crossbow Mage
Priest 15 25 15 20 35 20 Up to Chain Mace/Staff Priest
Rogue 15 15 25 30 15 30 Leather No longsword Arcane
Archer 20 20 35 20 15 20 Leather All Arcane
Sailor 25 35 20 25 10 15 Up to Chain All Arcane
Paladin 30 30 15 20 25 10 All No bow Priest
Mercenary 30 25 25 20 10 20 All No mace Arcane
Magician 15 15 20 30 30 20 Leather Sword/Dagger/Staff Mage


A complete list of objects are available in the Objects section.




There are three systems of magik available to heroes in the Amulets & Armor world, as well as a variety of wands, rings, and amulets.


Arcane Spells - used by most classes, these spells are generally weak utilities.

Mage Spells - used by the Mage, Warlock, and Magician, these spells tend to focus on damage, destruction, and power.

Priest Spells - used by the Priest and Paladin, these spells tend to focus on healing and protection.




Wands - usable by all classes, wands offer numerous projectile spells.

Rings - usable by all classes, rings offer a range of buffs and utilities.

Amulets - usable by all classes, amulets offer a powerful array of buffs.




Damage Type

There are two types of damage. They come in several varieties. Some act as damage modifiers for melee attacks. Others are properties of projectiles. Below is information about each type.

Elemental Damage - Damage related to elements causing physical harm.

Special Damage - Magic that causes special effects in place of damage.