Elemental Damage

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Elemental damage act as modifiers to existing attacks. They can be used as attack buffs on melee attacks or as damage types attached to projectiles. When used with melee attacks, their effects vary based on the damage given. When used as spells, their effects are static, and are based on the projectile's stats. Bolts with elemental damage have varying effects based on damage as well.

Every element has a player effect as well as a creature effect. Not all elemental damages can harm creatures.

Type Color Player Effect Creature Effect
Fire Red +25% damage. +25% damage.
Acid Brown Percent chance to destroy random item equal to damage. None.
Poison Green Increases poison level by 10% of damage. Increases poison level by 10% of damage.
Drain Mana Purple Removes 1 mana per point of damage. None.
Electric Yellow Bonus based on armor type at random location.

Chain: +25%, Plate: 50%

Bonus based on armor type.

Chain: +25%, Plate: +50%

Piercing White Ignores armor. Bonus based on armor type and monster level.

Chain: 2 * Level, Plate: 4 * Level