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The Priest and Paladin are the only two classes that use the Cleric system of Magik.

The Priest has an innate triple mana regeneration rate, but may only wield maces and staves, and may only wear armor up to chain, eventually maxing out at 48% damage reduction. It's tempting to go the role of caster as a result, but Cleric damage spells are few in number and offer poor damage ratios. Earthsmite burns 10 mana to deal only 4-5 damage, which is fairly worse than a Mage's starting Dart that uses only 1.5 mana per 1 damage. The only other Cleric damage spell, God's Wrath, has a better ratio by consuming 10 mana to deal 8-10 electric damage, but it has a Skill Mod of -40. You will complete the game before you are able to cast it reliably. For that reason, the role of caster is ineffective for Cleric magik users.

Of note is the fact that Priests may wear chain armor while Mages may only wear leather. This is because the best role for a Priest is actually getting in close to melee enemies. There are a few decent staves and maces - Jugurtha drops a powerful electric mace at the end of the first quest which Priests may use but Mages cannot; and the 7 damage Schtick staff available from the store early on comes with improved mana regeneration despite its descriptor claiming it adds speed. Schtick is the best Priest weapon all the way through to end of the game. Wearing chain and wielding a decent staff allows the Priest to employ Cleric spells to great effect - Rejuvinate will be your mainstay, healing damage rapidly during combat. Blood Shield will protect you from poison during the first quest, and the Cleric resist spells (fire, piercing, electric, and acid) can be used to incredible effect against the proper monsters. Of special note are Priam's Guards, which do enormous melee damage, against which Spirit Shield (resist piercing) will be almost required to survive. Finally, the Cleric has Flame Fist and Soul Drain, two Elemental Attack melee spells that will become required in later quests to damage enemies that are immune to the small array of attack types inherently available in maces and staves.

The Priest may acquire many of the Mage damage spells through the use of wands, but you'll often find that the melee playstyle you've developed by the time such wands are available will be superior to hanging back firing off wands.

The Paladin takes the Priest's melee playstyle further. Able to wear plate and wield any non-ranged weapons, the Paladin can achieve up to 80% damage reduction with Adaminium plate and much higher melee damage by using better weapons, but his much slower mana regeneration may not reliably support the heals and resists that the Priest casts so liberally.

Cleric Runes

1: Earth Rune (Cleric)

2: Manipulate Rune (Cleric/Arcane)

3: Wind Rune (Cleric/Arcane)

4: Create Rune (Cleric/Arcane)

5: Blood Rune (Cleric/Arcane)

6: Destroy Rune (Cleric)

7: Communion Rune (Cleric)

8: Bind Rune (Cleric)

9: Soul Rune (Cleric)

Cleric Spells

* The Note field corresponds the the in-game note number, used in the map editor.

Spell Runes Skill Mod Mana Cost Effect Note
Rejuvinate 45 50 5 Heals 5 health 300
Water Walk 21 50 5 Resist current. 301
Purify Blood 653 50 7.5 Halves player poison level 302
Resist Impact 81 40 5 Resist; falling damage (100%) 303
Earthsmite 12 40 10 Projectile; deals 4-5 damage 304
Confuse 25 40 1 Projectile; spins affected targets randomly 305
Knock 42 40 5 Projectile; reduces lock on affected door 306
Cast of Sand 612 30 10 Increased traction 307
Attract 23 30 2 Projectile; pulls affected targets 308
Repel 43 20 3 Projectile; pushes affected targets 309
Magic Map 17 10 15 Displays area map 310
Blood Shield 52 10 10 Resist; poison damage (100%) 311
Dispel Magic 68 10 8 Projectile; removes one temporary buff from affected 312
Eagle Sight 437 0 15 Buff; +10 accuracy 315
Flame Fist 435 0 15 Elemental Attack; fire 316
Glow 37 0 15 Increased light level 317
Life Water 85 -5 20 Creates a potion of healing [10] 318
Holy Bread 817 -5 10 Creates a loaf of bread 319
Wolf Speed 432 -10 15 Buff; +10 speed 320
Holy Strength 219 -10 15 Buff; +15 strength 321
Holy Water 837 -10 10 Creates a potion of water [+100] 322
Resist Gravity 213 -15 10 Buff; increased jump power 323
Lava Walk 215 -15 15 Resist; lava damage (100%) 324
Soul Drain 892 -20 20 Elemental Attack; mana drain 325
Frost Coat 189 -20 10 Resist; fire damage (80%), includes lava 326
Harden Self 389 -25 10 Resist; acid damage (80%), no item destruction 327
Insulate 589 -25 10 Resist; electric damage (80%) 328
Spirit Shield 789 -25 10 Resist; piercing damage (80%) 329
Heal 415 -30 50 Heals 50 health 330
Holy Light 4397 -35 30 Bugged, lowers light level 332
Devine 4197 -35 50 Displays improved magic map, shows all monsters and items 333
Gods Wrath 697 -40 10 Projectile; deals 8-10 electric damage 334
Earth Bind 637 0 5 Projectile; affected targets lose flying abilities 314
Identify 47 10 10 Identify readied items (equipped and held on cursor) 313
Identify All 417 -30 35 Identify all items in inventory 331

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