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Journal Entries are Things under the Scrolls section in the Edit Thing menu. The attribute/value flags are used to determine which scroll number to spawn. This is called the Note number.

Note numbers are not the same as thing numbers. They correspond to the graphics entries in UI/NOTES inside the PICS.RES resource file.

Journal Types

There are 2 journal types that can be spawned into a map. The first is the sealed letter image and the second is the opened scroll.

Thing number 378 is the sealed letter.

Thing number 373 is the opened scroll.

Both function the same, the thing number simply changes the graphic. It is standard in the game to make all regular journal entries spawn as sealed letters (378) and all spells to spawn as open scrolls (373). However, all journals turn into opened scrolls if they are picked up and then dropped again.


The Note numbers for spells are separated by their hundreds digit. Mage spells are notes 100-146, Arcane spells are notes 200-225, and Priest spells are notes 300-334. All of these

The note number for each spell can be found in the spell listings below:

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