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The coded messages are found in Q1M1 of the DOS Abandonware version of Amulets & Armor. They do not appear in the maps included in the rereleased Classic Version of Amulets and Armor.

A "Rosetta Stone" type message was in the Abandonware Q2M2 in the Tomb of Belisar, which reads "My name is Belisar" in normal and encoded text.

Coded Messages Text

There are seven notes total, and their transliteration is as follows:

1. nama aval as baal ha baalt tawar babal dragans ara has baasts

2. lavas agaan wath wafa matharastarta namad tha tawar baaldar raancarnata as baal astarta namad wafa baal mathar

3. rajact baal ambraca way trath lafa yhwh yhwh andraw apastla martyr

4. daanna as astarta falsa qaaan af haavan

5. baal astarta sarvants dagartha gaasarac alymas apalla mattan tawar namad than vatarax altrac araas

6. balasar dafandad kangdam almara fall fram graca axagaas bacama haratac haanrach saw trayapalla asaaas saw has glary

7. araas danaas tranaty achaaan gad as apalla tawar as an babylan

Coded Messages Translation

The translation of the notes (by replacing the "a" with appropriate replacement vowels and appropriate punctuation) is as follows:

1. Name evil is Baal. He built tower Babel. Dragons are his beasts.

2. Lives again with wife mother Astarte. Nimrud the tower builder reincarnate as Baal. Astarte, Nimrud wife, Baal mother.

3. Reject Baal. Embrace way truth life YHWH. YHWH Andrew apostle martyr.

4. Dianna is Astarte, false queen of heaven.

5. Baal Astarte servants: Jugurtha, Gaiseric, Elymas, Apollo, Mattan, tower Nimrud then Vitorix, Alaric, Arius.

6. Belisar defended kingdom. Elmore fell from grace. Exiguus became heretic. Heinrich saw Troy, Apollo. Esaias saw his glory.

7. Arius denies trinity. Achaian god is Apollo. Tower is in Babylon

Note: The name "Namad" is note 2 is likely a typo, and was likely intended to be "Namrad", as "Nimrud" appears in Q7M3. "YHWH" referenced in note 3 is likely a typo as well. Likely intended to be "Yahwah" which would translate to "Yahweh".