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Price Belisar was the second born son of King Gregor. He is known as one of the best adventurers of the realm and for founding the Knights of Andrew. He has a daughter, Lady Marg, who always knew him to wear a necklace of Andrew's Cross. Belisar is presumed dead by most as he has not been seen for many years. Although his death has not been publicly established, his tomb containing his finest arms and armor lies within the inner grounds of the Knights of Andrew and is found in-game in Q2M2. In the Abandonware version of Amulets & Armor, a Rosetta Stone type message was found in his tomb as well, that aids in translating the Coded Messages.

Belisar became greatly disturbed after assisting his brother, Prince Elmore, slay the Great Dragon and bringing back the Orb of Destruction, which tainted their souls. He stated to his daughter, Lady Marg, "I have seen the enemy and it will never reign within me." This dilemma prompted him to search for a relic of the Martyr Andrew in the south forests. It is likely that this quest is what prompted him to found the Knights of Andrew as the group is still obsessed with locating the relic.