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Jugurtha, the visionary, is the druid elder of the elven controlled northern territories. It is believed that he received powers through a number of visions which he recorded in a journal. After siding with the elves, he, alongside Vitorix, lead the revolt against the human's Tullian Keep.

Jugurtha saw a vision of The Roamad after insanity struck him in the keep. A captured and interrogated druid suggested the visions that Jugurtha received represent an alternate future and caused Jugurtha to go insane.

"The Roamad" is referenced in an unused interface login screen, LOGALTBK in pics.res that simply states "Welcome to Roamad".

The magically charged mace Jugurtha carries was forged by Vitorix, who lead the massacre of the keep's guards.

Jugurtha can be found on Q1M5 and drops the Lightning Rod mace, and Ring of Lessor Shielding +5 when slain. He casts poison spells.