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Prince Elmore

Prince Elmore was one of the sons of King Gregor. He was known for slaying the Great Dragon, which earned him the title "Prince Elmore, The Swift and Deadly Sword". Despite his heroism and deeds, he was ultimately killed fighting the last barbarian invasion by the Alaric and Gaiseric barbarian clans. Elmore's soul found no rest however, and his undead ghost has been reported to roam the barbarian regions.

Elmore's undead form can be found in-game on Q3M5. He is immune to physical damage, but is vulnerable to electric/lightning damage such as the Lightning Rod mace, or shocking grasp spells. He drops a platinum coin when slain.

Early Life

Prince Elmore was trained at a young age by Captain Argus, who taught Elmore everything he knew about military sciences and the way of weapons. Due to his training, Captain Argus described Elmore as being a killing monster, able to out sword him, or any honor guard at the age of 16.

Slaying the Great Dragon

During summer of his 16th year, Elmore vowed he would slay the Great Dragon, the consort of the Dragon Draco Melekarche, that was terrorizing the nearby region. As no one had ever slain a dragon, Elmore was ridiculed for his claim, but to the surprise of the kingdom, he slew the dragon with his brother Belisar, beneath Castle Ephesus and brought back proof, the Orb of Destruction. Elmore was then titled "Prince Elmore the Swift and Deadly Sword" and given his own Brigade by his father, King Gregor. Years later, King Gregor Remarked that although his sons had killed the dragon, the Orb they returned with tainted them, causing them not to return as heroic warriors, but defeated souls.

Campaign Against the Last Barbarian Invasion

After many years of noble service, Prince Elmore and his brigade were sent to crush the last invasion by the heretical barbarians. However, the size of the invasion was underestimated as Alaric, a Warlock of immense power and evil, had united the Alaric and Gaiseric barbarian clans. Alaric also had discovered how to transport large numbers of troops into Elmore's defenses. Elmore's brigade needed reinforcements and supplies.

To counteract Alaric's spell, all of King Gregor's priests fasted and prayed. A magic orb was revealed to them, now known as the Orb of Defense, whose purpose was to stop teleporting enemies. A large amount of currency was appropriated from the treasury along with The Orb of Defense and dispatched to Elmore via the Royal Fleet to the Lighthouse.

Although Elmore and his brigade were outnumbered by the combined forces of the Alaric and Gaiseric barbarians clans at the Battle of the Lighthouse, Elmore won several battles, captured many of Gaiseric's band and massacred Gaiseric's heretics. Elmore and his brigade held for as long as they could, but the Orb of Defense and treasure did not arrive in time. Elmore's brigade was eventually defeated at the lighthouse and Elmore was forced to retreat toward the reservoir before reinforcements could arrive. Elmore left his mark to denotate his retreat, but the treasure and its guard were intercepted by the barbarians before reaching Elmore. However, the treasure and the Orb of Defense were never found by the barbarians.

Death & Legacy

Without the supplies and the Orb of Defense, Elmore was unable to reach the reservoir defenses and was killed at the reservoir creek. According to Gaiseric's survivors report, Elmore was the last to die. Magical lightning was the weapon that slew him. According to Alaric's memoirs, Elmore died of an enchanted curse and must die once for each of his massacred victims, but can only be slain by magical lightning.

When reinforcements did arrive, they found the barbarians were truly weakened. Elmore had lost but fought a noble battle. Both Alaric and Gaiseric were defeated and the remaining barbarians scattered back into the country side. However, Elmore's soul found no rest and reports suggest his ghost still roams the barbarian regions.

King Gregor built a massive castle to honor Elmore.