Knights of Andrew (Order)

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The Knights of Andrew are a powerful and fanatic order that revere the martyr Andrew, a heroic figure that was killed long ago in Achaia, and was "one of the Twelve". The knights have adopted Andrew's symbol, a red cross shaped like an 'X', as their symbol. The Knights impose strict rules on their membership and are bent on a quest of locating a lost relic of Andrew. The Knights all swear a blood vow that none shall enter the south forests (where it is presumed to be located) until it is found and have gone to the extreme of killing anyone who is close to the area. They are also known for being the strongest fighters in the land, and their defense of the kingdom, though when they have defended the kingdom they have never worked in co-ordination with other military units. They are also known to persecute all magic users who do not adhere to their way. To the south they have a church and grounds which contains the healing Pools of Bethesda, and is strongly guarded.


The Knights of Andrew were founded by Prince Belisar. After witnessing his brother Elmore slay the Great Dragon, Belisar became greatly disturbed saying "I have seen the enemy and it will never reign within me," to his daughter, Lady Marg, and began a quest to find a lost relic of Andrew and seemingly formed the Knights of Andrew to aid him in this quest.