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The following lists of object descriptions was generated from within the game's code:


# Identified name Unidentified name
257 Iron Key key
258 Red Key key
259 Blue Key key
260 Green Key key
261 Ring of Keys key
262 Brass Key key
263 Tiny Key key
264 Pentagram Key key
265 Brass and Gold Key key

All Objects

# Identified name Unidentified name
11 Large Column large column
12 Tomato [+25 food] tomato
13 Stone Head stone head
14 Tall Barrel tall barrel
15 Short Barrel short barrel
16 Wooden Bucket wooden bucket
17 You see several barrels. You see several barrels.
18 Rock rock
19 Green Apple [+25 food] green apple
20 Mossy Rock mossy rock
21 Throne of Bones throne of bones
22 Tree tree
23 Small Swamp Weed [-5 health +25 food] small swamp weed
24 Large Swamp Weed large swamp weed
25 Swamp Plant swamp plant
26 Swamp Plant swamp plant
27 Torch torch
28 Crossbow crossbow
29 It appears to be a long sword. It appears to be a long sword.
30 Exit Marker exit marker
31 Magical Protection Field. magical protection field
32 Ooh.. a green blob! Ooh.. a green blob!
33 Oooh! a blue blob! Oooh! a blue blob!
34 Ooh.. yuck! Ooh.. yuck!
35 It's some kind of red blob. It's some kind of red blob.
36 It looks dangerous. It looks dangerous.
37 It's a yucky brown thing. It's a yucky brown thing.
38 Large Lamp large lamp
39 Trapped Shadow trapped shadow
40 Glowing Lamp glowing lamp
41 Flaming Brazier flaming brazier
42 Gong gong
43 Gargoyle Trapped in Stone gargoyle trapped in stone
44 Throne of Bones throne of bones
45 Darkened Crystal Ball darkened crystal ball
46 Marble Marker marble marker
47 Stone Marker stone marker
48 Crystal Ball crystal ball
49 Skeletal Remains skeletal remains
50 Headless Skeleton headless skeleton
51 Leg Bones leg bones
52 Chest Bones chest bones
53 Partial Skeleton partial skeleton
54 Empty Bottle empty bottle
55 Bottle Holding a Useless Substance bottle holding greenish liquid
56 You see some gems. You see some gems.
57 It looks like a hooka... It looks like a hooka...
58 You see some sort of primitive, stone idol. You see some sort of primitive, stone idol.
59 Jaw Bone jaw bone
60 Pouch pouch
61 Scroll scroll
62 Useless Scroll scroll
63 Mushroom [-5 health, +5 mana] mushroom
64 It's a shuriken that someone must have dropped. It's a shuriken that someone must have dropped.
65 Skull skull
66 Skull skull
67 Skull skull
68 Skull skull
69 Skull It's a skull
70 Skull It's a skull
71 Skull skull
72 Small Stone small stone
77 Small Bouncy Ball small ball
78 Large Bouncy Ball large ball
79 Large Tree large tree
80 Medium Tree medium tree
81 Small Rock small rock
88 Firey Form firey form
89 Poison Cloud green cloud
100 Copper Coin copper coin
101 Copper Five-Coin copper five-piece
102 Silver Coin silver coin
103 Silver Five-Coin silver five-coin
104 Gold Coin gold coin
105 Gold Five-Coin gold five-coin
106 platinum coin platinum coin
107 Platinum Five-Coin platinum five-coin
108 A crossbow bolt is there. A crossbow bolt is there.
109 A large axe sits before you. A large axe sits before you.
110 Diamond gem
111 Emerald gem
112 Ruby gem
113 Amethyst gem
114 Small Vase small vase
115 Large Vase large vase
116 Wine Glass wine glass
117 Chest Full of Gold chest
118 White Flask white flask
119 Useless Bottle bottle
120 Large Grey Stalagtite large grey stalagtite
121 Large Stalagtite large stalagtite
122 Small Grey Stalagtite small grey stalagtite
123 Medium Grey Stalagtite medium grey stalagtite
124 Large Grey Stalagtite large grey stalagtite
125 Stalagtite stalagtite
126 Small Brown Stalagtite small brown stalagtite
127 Stalagtite Stalagtite
128 Large Stalagtite large stalagtite
129 Medium Brown Stalagtite medium brown stalagtite
130 Stalagtite stalagtite
131 Stalagtite stalagtite
132 Stalagtite stalagtite
133 Stalagtite Stalagtite
134 Stalagtite stalagtite
135 Large Stalagtite large stalagtite
136 Stalagtite Stalagtite
137 Fancy Chair chair
138 Table table
139 Long table It's a table
140 Tombstone tombstone
141 Tombstone tombstone
142 Tombstone tombstone
143 Thieving Tools bag of tools
144 Quiver of Bolts quiver of bolts
145 Quiver of Fire Bolts quiver of red bolts
146 Quiver of Poison Bolts quiver of green bolts
147 Quiver of Piercing Bolts quiver of white bolts
148 Quiver of Acid Bolts quiver of brown bolts
149 Quiver of Electric Bolts quiver of yellow bolts
150 Quiver of Mana Drain Bolts quiver of purple bolts
151 Statue statue
200 Iron Dagger [3 dmg] iron dagger
201 Iron Mace [5 dmg] iron mace
202 Iron Shod Staff [4 dmg] iron shod staff
203 Iron Short Sword [5 dmg] iron short sword
204 Iron Long Sword [6 dmg] iron long sword
205 Iron Axe [5.5 dmg] iron axe
206 Iron Bolt [5 dmg] iron bolt
210 Fang Blade [7 dmg] blue bladed dagger
211 The Razor [9 dmg] blue bladed short sword
212 DiamondEdge [10 dmg] glowing long sword
213 Bolts of Striking
214 Flameblade [6 fire dmg] red bladed dagger
215 Azok's Penetrator [6 pierce dmg] red bladed dagger
216 SpiritBane [8 pierce dmg] bloody short sword
217 Sword of Justice [9 pierce dmg] bloody long sword
218 Bolts of Fire [5 Fire dmg] red tipped bolt
219 The Sickener [6 poison dmg] green studded staff
220 BloodRot [5 poison dmg] green bladed dagger
221 Venom [7 poison dmg] curvy green bladed sword
222 Bolts of Poison [5 poison dmg] green tipped bolts
223 WindBite [5 dmg, +20 spd] orange dagger
224 Joh's Bludgeon [7 dmg, +30 spd] glowing mace
225 Schtick [7 dmg, +30 spd] vibrating staff
226 Vindicator [8 dmg, +20 spd] gore splattered longsword
227 SoulSeeker [5 dmg, +15 acc] ornate silver dagger
228 Vitreaxe [7.5 dmg, +15 acc] red ornate axe
229 Bolts of Piercing [5 pierce dmg] white tipped bolt
230 WormTooth [6 acid dmg] strange looking dagger
231 Mace of Venom [5 poison dmg] green mace
232 Asnoth [6.5 dmg, +25 mregen] reflective green axe
233 Staff of Power [6 dmg, +25 magic] ornate staff
234 Lightning Rod [5 elec dmg.] glowing mace
240 Bolt of Acid [5 acid dmg] brown tipped bolt
241 Bolt of Electricity [5 elect. dmg] yellow tipped bolt
242 Bolt of Mana Drain [5 drain dmg] purple tipped bolt
243 Berry [+10 food] berry
244 Carrot [+15 food, night vision +10] carrot
245 Cherries [+10 food] cherries
246 Water Gourd [+50 water] water gourd
247 Portion of Meat [+50 food] piece of meat
248 Grapes [+25 food] grapes
249 Banana [+25 food] banana
251 Pineapple [+50 food] pineapple
252 Flowers flowers
253 Flowers flowers
254 Flowers flowers
255 Anthill anthill
256 Anthill anthill
257 Iron Key key
258 Red Key key
259 Blue Key key
260 Green Key key
261 Ring of Keys key
262 Brass Key key
263 Tiny Key key
264 Pentagram Key key
265 Brass and Gold Key key
266 White Flowers white flowers
267 Purple Flower purple flower
268 Purple Flower purple flower
269 Plant plant
270 Purple Flowers purple flowers
271 Dirt dirt
272 Dirt dirt
273 Flowers and a Rock flowers and a rock
274 Stone stone
275 Rock rock
276 White Flowers white flowers
277 Strange Statue strange statue
278 Strange Statue strange statue
279 Strange Statue strange statue
280 Strange Statue strange statue
281 Strange Statue strange statue
282 Trash trash
283 Rubble rubble
284 Garbage garbage
285 Debris debris
286 Smashed Bowl smashed bowl
287 Broken Pot broken pot
288 Shattered Flask shattered flask
289 Broken Vase broken vase
290 Cracked Bottle cracked bottle
291 Cracked Pot cracked pot
292 Broken Vase broken vase
293 Broken Bowl broken bowl
294 Candleabra candleabra
296 Candlestick candlestick
298 Loaf of Bread loaf of bread
300 Negate Rune [Mage/Arcane] mage/arcane rune
301 Body Rune [Mage/Arcane] mage/arcane rune
302 Mind Rune [Mage/Arcane] mage/arcane rune
303 Focus Rune [Mage/Arcane] mage/arcane rune
304 Element Rune [Mage] mage rune
305 Matter Rune [Mage] mage rune
306 Control Rune [Mage] mage rune
307 Spirit Rune [Mage] mage rune
308 Summon Rune [Mage] mage rune
309 Earth Rune [Cleric/Arcane] cleric/arcane rune
310 Manipulate Rune [Cleric/Arcane] cleric/arcane rune
311 Wind Rune [Cleric/Arcane] cleric/arcane rune
312 Create Rune [Cleric/Arcane] cleric/arcane rune
313 Blood Rune [Cleric/Arcane] cleric/arcane rune
314 Destroy Rune [Cleric] cleric rune
315 Communion Rune [Cleric] cleric rune
316 Bind Rune [Cleric] cleric rune
317 Soul Rune [Cleric] cleric rune
350 Scroll of Identify Equipped metallic blue scroll
351 Scroll of Identify All worn paper scroll
352 Protection from Poison Scroll brown paper scroll
353 Protection from Fire Scroll scroll made of skin
354 Scroll of Health [+10] orangish metallic scroll
355 Scroll of Health [+30] reddish metallic scroll
356 Scroll of Health [+100] golden scroll
357 Scroll of Regenerate Health [+50] blue-tinged scroll
358 Scroll of Shielding [+40] brown scroll
359 Scroll of Earthquake ruddy brown scroll
360 Scroll of Flying moldy old scroll
361 Scroll of Invisibility purple scroll
362 Scroll of Gain Mana [+20] metallic green scroll
363 Scroll of Gain Mana [+100] stony grey scroll
364 Scroll of Strength [+25] aged paper scroll
365 Scroll of Accuracy [+25] grey scroll with brown spots
366 Scroll of Stealth [+25] bronze plated scroll
367 Scroll of Magic [+25] stone scroll with blood stains
368 Scroll of Speed [+25] finely engraved scroll
369 Scroll of Experience [+1500] worn scroll with green smudges
370 Scroll of Shocking Grasp metallic brownish-green scroll
371 Scroll of Flame Fist slate grey scroll
372 Scroll of Mana Drain plain white scroll
373 Journal Entry a parchment
378 Journal Entry a note
380 Elymas' Journal Entries Elymas' notes
384 Scroll of Blink orangish scroll
400 Ring of Water Walking blue ring
401 Ring of Water Breathing blue ring with purple highlights
402 Ring of Accuracy [+10] wooden ring
403 Ring of Accuracy [+15] brown metallic ring
404 Ring of Accuracy [+20] dingy brown ring
405 Ring of Regeneration [+20] red ring
406 Ring of Regeneration [+40] glimmering ring
407 Lesser Ring of Strength [+5] plain silver ring
408 Ring of Strength [+10] tarnished silver ring
409 Greater Ring of Strength [+15] polished silver ring
410 Ring of Ogre Strength [+20] sparkling ring
411 Ring of Godly Might [+25] dingy tin ring
412 Ring of Ornament thin blue ring
413 Ring of Ornament metallic blue ring
414 Ring of Ornament metallic blue ring with a gem
415 Ring of Lesser Shielding [+5] plain golden ring
416 Ring of Shielding [+10] tarnished golden ring
417 Ring of Greater Shielding [+15] bright golden ring
418 Ring of Barriers [+18] beautiful golden ring
419 Ring of ForceFields [+20] finely wrought golden ring
420 Ring of Targeting [+5] plain wooden ring
421 Ring of Targeting [+10] tarnished copper ring
422 Ring of Accuracy [+15] lacqured brown ring
423 Ring of Marksmanship [+20] rusty metal ring
424 Ring of the Hunter [+25] engraved copper ring
425 Ring of Ornament bright green ring
426 Ring of Food Conservation deep blue ring
427 Ring of Water Conservation metallic blue ring
428 Ring of Incredible Speed [+20] plain steel ring
429 Ring of Speed [+5] engraved steel ring
430 Ring of Movement [+10] twisted steel ring
431 Ring of Masterful Movement [+15] polished steel ring
432 Ring of Ignore Terrain strangely colored ring
433 Ring of Ornament strange green ring
434 Ring of Jumping firey red ring
435 Ring of Mapping burning yellow ring
436 You shouldn't have this ring. bright purple ring
437 You shouldn't have this ring flashing ring
438 Ring of the Thief [+20 stealth] brown ring
440 It's some kind of amulet. It's some kind of amulet.
441 It's some kind of amulet. It's some kind of amulet.
442 It's some kind of amulet. It's some kind of amulet.
450 Looks like a pyrite helm to me. Looks like a pyrite helm to me.
451 It's some pyrite chest armor. It's some pyrite chest armor.
452 It's a piece of pyrite arm plate. It's a piece of pyrite arm plate.
453 It's a pyrite plate legging. It's a pyrite plate legging.
502 A big red knight glares at you menacingly. A big red knight glares at you menacingly.
600 Amulet of Magic [+25] purple amulet
601 Amulet of Regeneration [+50] golden red amulet
602 Amulet of Speed [+25] strange brown amulet
603 Amulet of Stealth [+25] flashing red amulet
604 Amulet of Strength [+25] flaming red amulet
605 Amulet of Accuracy [+25] strange metallic amulet
606 Amulet of Poison Protection worn blue amulet
607 Amulet of Fire Protection bright green amulet
608 Amulet of Lava Walking ornate red amulet
609 Amulet of Hiding plain purple amulet
610 Amulet of Eternal Nourishment tarnished green amulet
611 Amulet of Quickness [+15] flesh colored amulet
612 Amulet of Jumping ornate stone amulet
613 Amulet of Flying golden amulet
614 Amulet of Falling yellow and red amulet
615 Amulet of Armor [+50] mottled green amulet
616 Amulet of Acid Protection purple velvet amulet
617 Amulet of Electricity Protection cold blue amulet
618 Amulet of Mana Drain Protection hot red amulet
619 Amulet of Mana Regeneration [+50] steel amulet
650 Dead Tree dead tree
651 Dead Tree dead tree
652 Blue Bottle blue bottle
653 Blue and Gray Bottle blue and gray bottle
654 Colorful Bowl colorful bowl
655 Small Tan Vase small tan vase
656 Large Tan Vase large tan vase
657 Bowl bowl
658 Small Bottle small bottle
659 Cracked Small Bottle cracked small bottle
660 Cracked Blue and Gray Bowl cracked blue and gray bowl
661 Broken Bowl broken bowl
662 Small Broken Vase small broken vase
663 Small Bowl small bowl
664 Small Broken Bowl small broken bowl
665 Small Blue Bowl small blue bowl
666 Purple Flowers purple flowers
667 Flowers and a Stone flowers and a stone
668 White Flowers white flowers
669 Fountain fountain
670 Gigantic Pick Axe gigantic pick axe
671 Pick Axe pick axe
672 Gray Stone gray stone
673 Yellow Rock yellow rock
674 Stone Monument stone monument
675 Stone Monument stone monument
676 Stone Monument stone monument
677 Oddly formed Stone oddly formed stone
700 Leather Hat leather hat
701 Iron Leather Jerkin [6] iron studded leather jerkin
702 Iron Studded Leather Gauntlet [6] iron studded leather gauntlet
703 Iron Leather Leggings [6] iron studded leather leggings
704 Iron Chain Mail Coif [12] iron chain mail coif
705 Iron Chain Mail Tunic [12] iron chain mail tunic
706 Iron Chain Mail Bracer [12] iron chain mail bracer
707 Iron Chain Mail Leggings [12] iron chain mail leggings
708 Iron Plate Helmet [20] iron plate helmet
709 Iron Plate Breast Plate [20] iron plate breast plate
710 Iron Plate Gauntlet [20] iron plate gauntlet
711 Iron Plate Leggings [20] iron plate leggings
712 Iron Shield Iron Shield
800 Potion of Healing [+10] purple potion
801 Potion of Health [+25] speckled blue potion
802 Potion of Health [+50] grey colored potion
803 Potion of Regeneration [+30] hot yellow potion
804 Potion of Regeneration [+60] bright orange potion
805 Potion of Flying dull blue potion
806 Potion of Reduce Poison earth green potion
807 Potion of Cure Poison flourescent green potion
808 Potion of Shielding [+10] speckled violet potion
809 Potion of Shielding [+15] swirling violet potion
810 Potion of Barkskin [+15] clear purple potion
811 Potion of Ironskin [+25] tan potion
812 Potion of Waterwalking dull blue potion
813 Potion of Lavawalking firey red potion
814 Potion of Speed [+15] flesh colored potion
815 Potion of Invisibility stone grey potion
816 Potion of Translucency light brown potion
817 Potion of Featherfall glowing orange potion
818 Potion of Giant Strength [+10] dull brown potion
819 Potion of Demon Strength [+15] dark brown potion
820 Potion of Holy Strength [+20] speckled orange potion
821 Potion of Food [+100] chunky potion
822 Potion of Water [+100] clear potion
823 Potion of Owl Sight solid blue potion
824 Potion of Traction dirty brown potion
825 Potion of Poison flourescent green potion
826 Potion of Fire dark red potion
827 Potion of Pain plain grey potion
828 Small Flask small flask
830 Small Yellow Bottle small yellow bottle
831 Oddly Shaped Flask oddly shaped flask
832 Large Yellow Bottle large yellow bottle
833 Potion of Healing [] speckled blue potion
834 Elmore's Mark Elmore's Mark
850 Powerup Health Powerup Health
851 Powerup Better Health Powerup Better Health
852 Powerup Super Health Powerup Super Health
853 Powerup Invulnerability Powerup Invulnerability
854 Powerup Strength Powerup Strength
855 Powerup Accuracy Powerup Accuracy
856 Powerup Speed Powerup Speed
857 Powerup Fly Powerup Fly
858 Powerup Lava Walk Powerup Lava Walk
859 Powerup Water Walk Powerup Water Walk
860 Powerup Translucency Powerup Translucency
861 Powerup Regeneration Powerup Regeneration
862 Powerup Invisibility Powerup Invisibility
880 Powerdown Slow Powerdown Slow
881 Powerdown Poison Powerdown Poison
882 Powerdown Weakness Powerdown Weakness
883 Powerdown Hurt Powerdown Hurt
884 Powerdown Mana Loss Powerdown Mana Loss
885 Powerdown Total Mana Loss Powerdown Total Mana Loss
900 Wand of Magic Darts thin metallic wand
901 Wand of Homing Darts wand with a glowing red tip
902 Wand of Acid ornate green wand
903 Wand of Fire steel wand
904 Wand of Fireballs steel wand with a forked tip
905 Wand of Death twisted wooden stick
906 Wand of Earthsmite wand with a forked tip
907 Wand of Lightning wand with a circular edged tip
908 Wand of Draining green metallic tipped wand
909 Wand of Dispell Magic metallic red wand
910 Wand of Dispell Magic thin brown wand
911 Wand of Earthbind ornate carved stick
912 Wand of Poison purple wand with a red top
913 Wand of Confusion brown bone tipped wand
914 Wand of Berserking gold wand with a red handle
915 Wand of Pushing multi-colored forked wand
916 Wand of Pulling shimmering wand
917 Wand of the Snail wand with an orange handle
918 Wand of Disintegrate multi colored wand
919 Wand of Locking engraved wooden wand
920 Wand of Knocking red glowing wand
954 Orb of Defense orb of defense
955 Orb of the Undead orb of the undead
956 Orb of Destruction orb of destruction
957 Jugurtha's Book Jugurtha's book
958 Andrew's Necklace Andrew's necklace
1001 Citizen citizen
1002 Mage of the Blue Order mage of the blue order
1003 Shadow shadow
1004 Carnivorous Ape carnivorous ape
1005 Wyvern wyvern
1006 Mage of the Order of Fire mage of the order of fire
1007 Gargoyle gargoyle
1008 Knight of Andreas knight of andreas
1009 Footman of Andreas footman of andreas
1010 Apollo the god apollo
1011 Trojan trojan
1012 Banshee banshee
1014 Eastern Archer eastern archer
1015 Mighty Hunter mighty hunter
1016 Elk elk
1017 Wolf wolf
1018 Elf elf
1019 Druid druid
1020 Lich lich
1021 Dragon dragon
1022 Hydra hydra
1023 Griffon griffon
1024 Dragon dragon
1025 Skeleton skeleton
1033 Skeleton skeleton
1035 Evil Knight Evil Knight
1036 Elmore elmore
1037 Mark of Elmore mark of Elmore
2003 A man in blue robes, perhaps a magician. A man in blue robes, perhaps a magician.
3000 Barbarian Leader barbarian leader
3001 Barbarian Champion barbarian champion
3002 Barbarian Shaman barbarian shaman
3003 Barbarian barbarian
3100 Dead Body dead body
3101 Dead Body dead body
3103 Dead Body dead body
3104 Dead Body dead body
3105 An archer with a bad disposition. An archer with a bad disposition.
3106 A frail but reliable messenger. A frail but reliable messenger.
4071 Tree tree
4072 Tree tree
4073 Tree tree
4074 Tree tree
4075 Tree tree
4076 Tree tree
4077 Tree tree
4078 Tree tree
4079 Tree tree
4080 Evil Mercenary evil mercenary
4082 Impaled Knight impaled knight
4083 Torch torch
4084 Blood blood
4091 Teleport animation Teleport animation
4092 Buy Amulets and Armor! usa symbol
4296 Wooden Dagger [.5 dmg] wooden dagger
4297 Wooden Mace [2.5 dmg] wooden mace
4298 Wooden Staff [1 dmg] wooden staff
4299 Wooden Short Sword [2.5 dmg] wooden short sword
4300 Wooden Long Sword [3.5 dmg] wooden long sword
4301 Wooden Axe [3 dmg] wooden axe
4302 Wood Bolt Wood Bolt
4546 ooh! It's a mithral helm! ooh! It's a mithral helm!
4547 Looks like a mithril chest plate. Looks like a mithril chest plate.
4548 Looks like a mithril arm plating. Looks like a mithril arm plating.
4549 Mabye it's a piece of mithril leg plate. Mabye it's a piece of mithril leg plate.
4808 Wooden Shield Wooden Shield
8392 Rusty Dagger [1.5 dmg] rusty dagger
8393 Rusty Mace [3.5 dmg] rusty mace
8394 Rusty Shod Staff [2.5 dmg] rusty shod staff
8395 Rusty Short Sword [3.5 dmg] rusty short sword
8396 Rusty Long Sword [4.5 dmg] rusty long sword
8397 Rusty Axe [4 dmg] rusty axe
8398 Rusty Bolt Rusty Bolt
8642 Looks like a decorative brass helmet. Looks like a decorative brass helmet.
8643 Looks like a tarnished brass chest plate. Looks like a tarnished brass chest plate.
8644 Its a brass arm guard. Its a brass arm guard.
8645 It's a piece of brass plate legging. It's a piece of brass plate legging.
8896 Rusty Chain Mail Coif [6] rusty chain mail coif
8897 Rusty Chain Mail Tunic [6] rusty chain mail tunic
8898 Rusty Chain Mail Bracer [6] rusty chain mail bracer
8899 Rusty Chain Mail Leggings [6] rusty chain mail leggings
8900 Rusty Plate Helmet [8] rusty plate helmet
8901 Rusty Plate Breast Plate [8] rusty plate breast plate
8902 Rusty Plate Gauntlet [8] rusty plate gauntlet
8903 Rusty Plate Leggings [8] rusty plate leggings
8904 Rusty Shield Rusty Shield
8935 Rusty Short Sword Rusty Short Sword
12488 Bronze Dagger [2.5 dmg] bronze dagger
12489 Bronze Mace [4.5 dmg] bronze mace
12490 Bronze Shod Staff [3.5 dmg] bronze shod staff
12491 Bronze Short Sword [4.5 dmg] bronze short sword
12492 Bronze Long Sword [5.5 dmg] bronze long sword
12493 Bronze Axe [5 dmg] bronze axe
12494 Bronze Bolt Bronze Bolt
12738 It's an admantium helm! It's an admantium helm!
12739 It's an admantium chest plate! It's an admantium chest plate!
12740 It's an admantium arm guard! It's an admantium arm guard!
12741 It's an admantium leg plating!! It's an admantium leg plating!!
12988 Bronze Studded Leather Helmet Bronze Studded Leather Helmet
12989 Bronze Studded Leather Jerkin [4] bronze studded leather jerkin
12990 Bronze Studded Leather Gauntlet [4] bronze studded leather gauntlet
12991 Bronze Studded Leather Leggings [4] bronze studded leather leggings
12992 Bronze Chain Mail Coif [8] bronze chain mail coif
12993 Bronze Chain Mail Tunic [8] bronze chain mail tunic
12994 Bronze Chain Mail Bracer [8] bronze chain mail bracer [8]
12995 Bronze Chain Mail Leggings [8] bronze chain mail leggings
12996 Bronze Plate Helmet [12] bronze plate helmet
12997 Bronze Plate Breast Plate [12] bronze plate breast plate
12998 Bronze Plate Gauntlet [12] bronze plate gauntlet
12999 Bronze Plate Leggings [12] bronze plate leggings
13000 Bronze Shield Bronze Shield
20680 Silver Dagger [3.5 dmg] silver dagger
20681 Silver Mace [5.5 dmg] silver mace
20682 Silver Shod Staff [4 dmg] silver shod staff
20683 Silver Short Sword [5.5 dmg] silver short sword
20684 Silver Long Sword [6.5 dmg] silver long sword
20685 Silver Axe [6 dmg] silver axe
20686 Silver Bolt Silver Bolt
21180 Silver Studded Leather Helmet Silver Studded Leather Helmet
21181 Silver Leather Jerkin [9] silver studded leather jerkin
21182 Silver Studded Leather Gauntlet [9] silver studded leather gauntlet
21183 Silver Leather Leggings [9] silver studded leather leggings
21184 Silver Chain Mail Coif [18] silver chain mail coif
21185 Silver Chain Tunic [18] silver chain tunic
21186 Silver Chain Bracer [18] silver chain bracer
21187 Silver Chain Leggings [18] silver chain leggings
21188 Silver Plate Helmet [28] silver plate helmet
21189 Silver Plate Breast Plate [28] silver plate breast plate
21190 Silver Plate Gauntlet [28] silver plate gauntlet
21191 Silver Plate Leggings [28] silver plate leggings
21192 Silver Shield Silver Shield
24776 Steel Dagger [4 dmg] steel dagger
24777 Steel Mace [6 dmg] steel mace
24778 Steel Shod Staff [5 dmg] steel shod staff
24779 Steel Short Sword [6 dmg] steel short sword
24780 Steel Long Sword [7 dmg] steel long sword
24781 Steel Axe [6.5 dmg] steel axe
24782 Steel Bolt Steel Bolt
25276 Steel Studded Leather Helmet Steel Studded Leather Helmet
25277 Steel Leather Jerkin [13] steel studded leather jerkin
25278 Steel Leather Gauntlet [13] steel studded leather gauntlet
25279 Steel Leather Leggings [13] steel studded leather leggings
25280 Steel Chain Mail Coif [26] steel chain mail coif
25281 Steel Chain Mail Tunic [26] steel chain mail tunic
25282 Steel Chain Mail Bracer [26] steel chain mail bracer
25283 Steel Chain Mail Leggings [26] steel chain mail leggings
25284 Steel Plate Helmet [36] steel plate helmet
25285 Steel Plate Breast Plate [36] steel plate breast plate
25286 Steel Plate Gauntlet [36] steel plate gauntlet
25287 Steel Plate Leggings [36] steel plate leggings
25288 Steel Shield Steel Shield
28872 Hardened Steel Dagger [4.5 dmg] hardened steel dagger
28873 Hardened Steel Mace [6.5 dmg] hardened steel mace
28874 Hardened Steel Staff [5.5 dmg] hardened steel staff
28875 Hardened Steel Short Sword [6.5 dmg] hardened steel short sword
28876 H-Steel Long Sword [7.5 dmg] hardened steel long sword
28877 Hardened Steel Axe [7 dmg] hardened steel axe
28878 Hardened Steel Bolt Hardened Steel Bolt
29376 H-Steel Chain Mail Coif [34] h-steel chain mail coif
29377 H-Steel Chain Mail Tunic [34] h-steel chain mail tunic
29378 H-Steel Chain Mail Bracer [34] h-steel chain mail bracer
29379 H-Steel Chain Mail Leggings [34] h-steel chain mail leggings
29380 Hardened Steel Plate Helmet [44] hardened steel plate helmet
29381 H-Steel Breast Plate [44] hardened steel breast plate
29382 H-Steel Plate Gauntlet [44] hardened steel plate gauntlet
29383 H-Steel Plate Leggings [44] hardened steel plate leggings
29384 Hardened Steel Shield Hardened Steel Shield
32968 Mithril Dagger [4.5 dmg] mithril dagger
32969 Mithril Mace [6.5 dmg] mithril mace
32970 Mithril Shod Staff [5.5 dmg] mithril shod staff
32971 Mithril Short Sword [6.5 dmg] mithril short sword
32972 Mithril Long Sword [7.5 dmg] mithril long sword
32973 Mithril Axe [7 dmg] mithril axe
32974 Mithril Bolt Mithril Bolt
33468 Mithril Studded Leather Helmet Mithril Studded Leather Helmet
33469 Mithril Studded Leather Jerkin [20] mithril studded leather jerkin
33470 Mithril Studded Leather Gauntlet [20] mithril studded leather gauntlet
33471 Mithril Studded Leather Leggings [20] mithril studded leather leggings
33472 Mithril Chain Mail Coif [40] mithril chain mail coif
33473 Mithril Chain Mail Tunic [40] mithril chain mail tunic
33474 Mithril Chain Mail Bracer [40] mithril chain mail bracer
33475 Mithril Chain Mail Leggings [40] mithril chain mail leggings
33476 Mithril Plate Helmet [52] mithril plate helmet
33477 Mithril Plate Breast Plate [52] mithril plate breast plate
33478 Mithril Plate Gauntlet [52] mithril plate gauntlet
33479 Mithril Plate Leggings [52] mithril plate leggings
33480 Mithril Shield Mithril Shield
37064 Obsidian Dagger [5 dmg] obsidian dagger
37065 Obsidian Mace [7 dmg] obsidian mace
37066 Obsidian Shod Staff [6 dmg] obsidian shod staff
37067 Obsidian Short Sword [7 dmg] obsidian short sword
37068 Obsidian Long Sword [8 dmg] obsidian long sword
37069 Obsidian Axe [7.5 dmg] obsidian axe
37070 Obsidian Bolt Obsidian Bolt
37470 Mithril Studded Leather Bracers Mithril Studded Leather Bracers
37568 Obsidian Chain Mail Coif [48] obsidian chain mail coif
37569 Obsidian Chain Mail Tunic [48] obsidian chain mail tunic
37570 Obsidian Chain Mail Bracer [48] obsidian chain mail bracer
37571 Obsidian Chain Mail Leggings [48] obsidian chain mail leggings
37572 Obsidian Plate Helmet [60] obsidian plate helmet
37573 Obsidian Plate Breast Plate [60] obsidian plate breast plate
37574 Obsidian Plate Gauntlet [60] obsidian plate gauntlet
37575 Obsidian Plate Leggings [60] obsidian plate leggings
37576 Obsidian Shield Obsidian Shield
41160 Pyrinium Dagger [5.5 dmg] pyrinium dagger
41161 Pyrinium Mace [7.5 dmg] pyrinium mace
41162 Pyrinium Shod Staff [6.5 dmg] pyrinium shod staff
41163 Pyrinium Short Sword [7.5 dmg] pyrinium short sword
41164 Pyrinium Long Sword [8.5 dmg] pyrinium long sword
41165 Pyrinium Axe [8 dmg] pyrinium axe
41166 Pyrinium Bolt Pyrinium Bolt
41668 Pyrinium Plate Helmet [70] pyrinium plate helmet
41669 Pyrinuim Plate Breast Plate [70] pyrinuim plate breast plate
41670 Pyrinium Plate Gauntlet [70] pyrinium plate gauntlet
41671 Pyrinium Plate Leggings [70] pyrinium plate leggings
41672 Pyrinium Shield Pyrinium Shield
45256 Adaminium Dagger [6 dmg] adaminium dagger
45257 Adaminium Mace [8 dmg] adaminium mace
45258 Adaminium Shod Staff [7 dmg] adaminium shod staff
45259 Adaminium Short Sword [8 dmg] adaminium short sword
45260 Adaminium Long Sword [9 dmg] adaminium long sword
45261 Adaminium Axe [8.5 dmg] adaminium axe
45262 Adaminium Bolt Adaminium Bolt
45764 Adaminium Plate Helmet [80] adaminium plate helmet
45765 Adaminium Plate Breast Plate [80] adaminium plate breast plate
45766 Adaminium Plate Gauntlet [80] adaminium plate gauntlet
45767 Adaminium Plate Leggings [80] adaminium plate leggings
45768 Adaminium Shield Adaminium Shield