Map Load Crashes

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Editor View Mode Camera left in map

If the special "View Mode Camera" thing is left in the map, the map cannot load. This is because any unrecognized thing number will cause the game to crash at level load. (The View Mode Camera is sometimes called a "View Thing")

It can be hard to find this object if it exists on the, BUT pressing 'w' to enter View Mode will show where the camera is located. Use this to find any View Mode Cameras on the level and delete them.

Missing Companion files

The most common crash when loading a level for the very first time are mission companion files. There are 4 companion files that must accompany all maps. The .I, .GEN, .LIT, and .SRP. If any of these files are missing, copy them from the a sample map. Without one of these files, the game will hard crash when the level is loaded.

Example Map files

  • L100.GEN
  • L100.I
  • L100.LIT
  • L100.MAP
  • S100.SRP

Here's a download for the Blank Companion Files


The compiled Script file (.SRP) has a different prefix. It can be easy to miss in a file listing.

Not Enough Sectors

The game must have at least 2 sectors in a map in order to display it. Without enough sectors the player will get the Hall of Mirrors (HOM) effect. This is very hard to diagnose because the last thing written to the screen will be the town UI and it will look like the map has not loaded at all. Attacking or casting a spell will show that the player is in fact in loaded level that is not being drawn.

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