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The lighting can be a little confusing. The lighting system works by averaging out light sources between adjacent sectors, but the key problem you'll have is everything will either end up pitch black or the outside light unless you place doors. The best way to work is to start with the darkness and work out. Torches and other lit items produce light that will be spread to the next sectors. Interestingly, the lighting system averages with the next room and the next room with no loss. One candle will light up the whole dungeon -- until you have a door. A door will then only let a percentage of the light go through based on how open the door is. In way, doors are the game's darkness objects. They pull all light to zero when closed.

So, here's an example (reference the picture links). I've setup a hallway with about 7 sectors from end to end.

aalight1.png shows a hallway with light from the (red) sky on both ends. The hallway in between will always match the sky light level.


aalight2.png has only one end of the hallway open to the sky, but the light will still flow to the end and not dim as there is nothing to pull the area dark.


aalight3.png has a door put in the middle. As you can see, the sector between the door and the sky is about half brightness.


aalight4.png has the door at the very end of the hallway. There are about 4 sectors in between now and it steps from sky (sorry, a darker time of day) down to the end of the very dark hallway.


Again, I realize this is a little weird, but think of adding light to a dungeon. Use the doors for entering the dungeon and darker areas.

Technically, what I need is a 'set light' editor object that forces the sector light to some level, or maybe even a darkness percent like the doors, so you can force the area darker. I suppose that could be added.

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