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Most Doom clone engines use Linedef numbers for all of their line and line action needs. Unfortunately A&A uses a little known concept of the Sidedef in its scripting language. Every linedef has properties for a front side and a back side. These are called sidedefs. Most of their values are set by selecting a Linedef in Doom Builder and right clicking it. However, you cannot view sidedef numbers in this menu.

To view Sidedef numbers, you must have the Info Panel expanded. If you do not see the info panel on the bottom then select View->Expanded Info Panel. Now with the Linedef tool selected, hover over any linedef to see the front and back Sidedef numbers on the bottom of the screen. Use these numbers for functions like ChangeSideTexture.

Common Errors

Here are some steps to help trouble shoot common errors.

Max double link nodes

If you are debugging and run into a crash that displays the error "Max double link nodes", this is because the Sidedef being referenced is too high, and does not exist. This might be a wrong Sidedef reported by Doom builder. Try deleting a nearby sector or recreating the sector that the desired Sidedef belongs to.

Sidedef Number reported wrong

Doom builder does not seem to track the Sidedef numbers properly when sectors change. Changing a sector, using the Make Sectors Mode feature on a sector, changing the number of Linedefs in a nearby sector, or deleting sectors can renumber all of the Sidedefs in the level. Because of this, it's recommended not to script any Sidedef related functions until the level is complete.

However, even when Sidedefs are renumbered, the number displayed in the Info Panel can be incorrect. Save, close Doom Builder, and reopen it. This should reset all of the displayed Sidedef numbers and now show the right one.

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