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Wands must be equipped like a weapon, and then may be activated for the imbued spell's mana cost. Wands do not offer buffs or bonuses like weapons do.

All wands may be used by any class.

Arcane, Cleric, & Mage Wands

Wand Effect Mana Cost Note
PullingWand.png Wand of Pulling Pull
PushingWand.png Wand of Pushing Push
EarthbindWand.png Wand of Earthbind Earth Bind
KnockingWand.png Wand of Knocking Knock
ConfusionWand.png Wand of Confusion Confuse
MagicDartsWand.png Wand of Magic Darts Magic Dart
HomingDartsWand.png Wand of Homing Darts Magic Missile
PoisonWand.png Wand of Poison Poison Arrow
DispellMagicWand 2.png
Wand of Dispel Magic Dispel Magic Not available from the store
2 Versions (?)
LockingWand.png Wand of Locking Wizard Lock Not available from the store
SnailWand.png Wand of the Snail Slow
EarthsmiteWand.png Wand of Earthsmite Earthsmite
FireWand.png Wand of Fire Fireball
AcidWand.png Wand of Acid Acid Cloud
BerserkingWand.png Wand of Berserking Angry Word
FireballsWand.png Wand of Fireballs Elemental Fire
LightningWand.png Wand of Lightning Lightning Bolt Wand shocks you for 2 damage upon equip.
DeathWand.png Wand of Death Death Cloud
DisintegrateWand.png Wand of Disintegrate Fire Blast

Wand-Only Spells

These wands offer spells that can't be cast using runes. Some monsters may employ these spells against you.

Wand Effect Mana Cost Note
DrainingWand.png Wand of Draining Projectile; deals 8.5 drain damage, drains 10 mana 8 Fires the spell used by Death Priests. Dropped by Mattan.