Speed Run Contest 2013

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As for our first contest, we want you to play our game -- and play it fast. Starting with a level 1 character, see if you can run through ALL the levels of Amulets & Armor as fast as you can. Do you play the faster Rogue or Sailor or do you depend on magical means? Do you fight monsters for experience or do you run past them? Record your runs and upload them to youtube and share with us your crazed runs through the levels of A&A. And the winner who took the least amount of time will receive $40. Unfortunately, we'll be clipping people's wings and keeping them from flying and/or blinking, but everything else is game. The contest rules are as follows:


  • The contest ends May 31st Midnight US Central Time. Submissions for the complete quest must be received as of this time in email form.
  • Players must start with a level 1 character and play through the quests in order (1 to 7). Players must use this same character through out the speed run.
  • To validate your time, players must record their game play and upload it to youtube.com as a PUBLIC upload. We recommend you use the built in DOSBox feature for recording to videos. Any recording method is allowed, even over the shoulder cameras as long as we can see the whole game play.
  • Players may split their video into multiple pieces, but we ask you split them between quests and/or levels with clear titles.
  • Multi-player runs are not allowed, only solo players.
  • Your score is determined by your total time from quest 1 to 7 as reported in the youtube video(s).
  • You are not required to have audio, but it would be nice to have both the audio of the game and/or any comments you would like to record.
  • Players must use characters of level equal to or lower than the quest's suggested level. For example, if the quest says it is for level 1-3 characters, only a character of up to level 3 can be played on that quest.
  • Players must show their character's stats when selecting a quest and starting. Do this by opening the stats dialog on the right when selecting a quest.
  • Spells that allow a character to fly or blink are NOT allowed in this speed run. However, if you find a magic item, potion, or scroll in the game that allows you to fly or blink, you may use them. Whatever you buy in the store is also allowed EXCEPT for potions/scrolls of blink or fly.
  • Repeating levels is NOT allowed, but you may abort a level and start over. However, aborting a level costs you time and counts as part of the speed run.
  • GOD mode game play is NOT allowed. Nor using any broken or buggy features of the game to your advantage. Examples of buggy play would be: Walking through wall sections using some type of trick, duping objects or money, and attaining unlimited invulnerability. Using spells such as Death Ward to avoid death, Earthbind to take out enemies in lava, and even finding unique ways to Attract/Repel enemies is all fair game. We want this to be a contest of skill using the spells and features designed in the game.
  • There will be one winner of the $40 prize. This prize will be paid in US Dollars and paid through PayPal or Western Union.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and welcome. Played through as a Warlock and want to try again as a Magician? No problem, do it again. Played as a Warlock and want to try it again as a Warlock? No problem, do it again. Just start with a level 1 character each time.
  • Send links to your entries and times to speedrun2013@amuletsandarmor.com with the subject "A&A Speed Run Contest 2013". Your entry times will be placed on this wiki page (below).
  • If there are any questions concerning these rules, please send an email to speedrun2013@amuletsandarmor.com
  • Exiguus Entertainment (the people running this contest) retains the right to change these rules at any time in order to help clarify the rules of the contest.
  • Prizes will be announced and awarded by June 7th by email.

Let's have fun!


  • None yet.