Fan Art Contest 2013

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Inspired by the fan art on the forums, we see there are some talented members out there who are just itching to draw fan art for Amulets & Armor. Put together a picture using any media you like, add a fun and interesting caption, and post it in the contest area and you can walk away with the $20 prize. We just ask you make it work and family friendly. We'll have the community provide input on favorites and Exiguus Entertainment will pick the winner.

Submission Guidelines

  • The contest ends May 31st Midnight US Central Time. Art and captions must be submitted by this due date.
  • Submissions must be emailed to with the subject "A&A Fan Art Contest 2013". Artwork will then posted on the wiki and the community forums for peer review.
  • Images should be .JPG or .PNG files that must be 512 KB or smaller.
  • Captions will be limited to 140 characters.
  • Artwork and captions must be work and family friendly or will be rejected.
  • If there are any questions concerning these rules, please send an email to
  • Exiguus Entertainment (the people running this contest) retains the right to change these rules at any time in order to help clarify the rules of the contest. Their decisions are final.
  • There will be one winner of the $20 prize. This prize will be paid in US Dollars and paid through PayPal or Western Union.
  • Prizes will be announced and awarded by June 7th by email and announced on the website.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and welcomed.

Let's have fun!


  • None yet. A list of links will be provided here as users submit their entries.