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  1. Download the files from the download page including both Doom Builder and the A&A Assets
  2. Unzip the A&A Files and unzip to a temporary folder
  3. Copy the files in the folder on top of where Doom Builder was installed. Don't worry, we're only adding files.
  4. Start making maps. But see below for more details

Basic Steps to Editing a Map

  1. Rename .map to .wad
  2. Open Doom Builder 2
  3. Load map chosen map (See using the template below)
  4. Select Amulets and Armor config file from drop down list.
  5. Add resource button.
  6. Choose add folder tab.
  7. Navigate to included "A&A Assets" folder and confirm.
  8. Edit away.
  9. Save

Preparing a map to play

  1. Rename .wad to .map
  2. Copy blank lighting file from template and rename to match map. (i.e. L100.LIT)
  3. Copy blank compiled script file from template, or from compiler directory, and rename to match map. (i.e. S100.SRP)
  4. Copy blank item file from template and rename. (i.e. L100.I)
  5. Copy blank gen file from template and rename. (i.e. L100.GEN)
  6. Move all of these files into the main game directory (Normally C:\Games\Amulets & Armor\)
  7. Navigate to the MAPDESC folder from the main game directory. (Normally C:\Games\Amulets & Armor\MAPDESC)
  8. Copy the last numbered DES file and increment the name by 1 (i.e. DES00007)
  9. Edit this in notepad. Change the second line to the number of your new map.
  10. Copy the last QUEST file and increment the name by 1 (i.e. QUEST7.INI)
  11. Edit this in notepad. Change the firstmap property and mapnumber property under the [MAP1] section to match your level number.
  12. Load AA and navigate to the last quest. Starting this quest will load your map.

Here's a download for the Blank Companion Files

Template Files

A simple template map has been provided in the folder "TemplateMap"

Copy the folder into your A&A directory. Edit the L999.map file. Run the game. You'll now see a quest called Test Map 999 appear as a new quest after Destruction. You should be able to run the quest.

When you have the map to how you like, make edits to the QUEST7.INI in the MAPDESC directory and change the number of your map.

New map IDs are given freely if you register them on the Community Maps page. Just edit the page with your new number and a comment about what you are working on. Numbers should be 1-8000 for now.

And, as always, if you have a question, feel free to contact the community or email us at support@amuletsandarmor.com

Tutorials And Details

Missing Thing Numbers - Monsters and items missing in Beta 2 version of Doom Builder Files

Journal Entries - Instructions on adding Notes and Spells into maps

Lighting - Learn how the A&A Lighting system works

Sector Alter Things - Information on map things that change the contained sector, such as doors, water, and lava.

Special Mapping Objects - Special mapping objects for scripting and functionality other than Alter Sector

Scripting - Instructions and Tutorials on map scripting

Sky - Tips and tricks related to the sky texture

Map Music - How to change the music for a level

Errors and Trouble shooting

Map Load Crashes - Diagnosing errors on map load

Broken Thing Numbers - A list of broken thing numbers

Incorrect Side Numbers - A guide to finding line numbers.

Quest Menu Crashes - Diagnosing errors in the Quest##.INI files

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