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DosBox Configuration

1) Download the game from Unzip the files into a directory. In these instructions, we'll assume you are a Windows machine and use the folder C:\Games\AA for your installation directory.

2) Go to and download a DOSBox version for your device. In Windows, Amulets & Armor has been proven to work with DOSBox 0.74. Install DOSBox.

3) Run DOSBox.

4) It will appear with a Z:\ drive prompt. Enter the following commands:

   mount c c:\Games\AA

5) No setup should be necessary as the game has already been configured for the proper sound system.

6) Enjoy!

Using DOSBox IPX for Multiplayer

1) Run DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat, and scroll down to where you see the line "ipx=false". Change it to "ipx=true".

2) Run Hamachi, and connect to each other on a private network.

3) Run DOSBox, you'll get both a status window, and another window with a prompt that looks like Z:\>

4) Have the server host (me in our case) enter the command "ipxnet startserver".

5) Then have the other player(s) enter the command "ipxnet connect #.###.##.###", putting in the IP address of the host there. This is the IP address of the host on the Hamachi network, not the host's actual IP address.

6) The host should get an alert in his DOSBox status window saying someone connected to his ipx server.

7) Both players enter the command "mount c c:\Games\AA", where c:\Games\AA is whatever folder you've got Amulets and Armor installed in.

8) Type "c:" to then navigate the prompt to that directory.

9) Type "Setup.exe >NUL" to run the Amulets and Armor setup program.

10) Choose Network Game.