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DosBox Configuration

1) Download the game from Unzip the files into a directory. In these instructions, we'll assume you are a Windows machine and use the folder C:\Games\AA for your installation directory.

2) Go to and download a DOSBox version for your device. In Windows, Amulets & Armor has been proven to work with DOSBox 0.74. Install DOSBox.

3) Run DOSBox.

4) It will appear with a Z:\ drive prompt. Enter the following commands:

   mount c c:\Games\AA

5) No setup should be necessary as the game has already been configured for the proper sound system.

6) Enjoy!

Using DOSBox IPX for Multiplayer

1 - Run DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat, and scroll down to where you see the line "ipx=false". Change it to "ipx=true".

2 - Run Hamachi, and connect to each other on a private network.

3 - Run DOSBox, you'll get both a status window, and another window with a prompt that looks like Z:\>

4 - Have the server host (me in our case) enter the command "ipxnet startserver".

5 - Then have the other player(s) enter the command "ipxnet connect #.###.##.###", putting in the IP address of the host there. This is the IP address of the host on the Hamachi network, not the host's actual IP address.

6 - The host should get an alert in his DOSBox status window saying someone connected to his ipx server.

7 - Both players enter the command "mount c c:\Games\AA", where c:\Games\AA is whatever folder you've got Amulets and Armor installed in.

8 - Type "c:" to then navigate the prompt to that directory.

9 - Type "Setup.exe >NUL" to run the Amulets and Armor setup program.

10 - Choose Network Game.