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List of Armor


Armor Defense Note
Rusty Chain Mail Coif +6%
Rusty Chain Mail Tunic +6%
Rusty Chain Mail Bracers +6%
Rusty Chain Mail Leggings +6%
Rusty Plate Helmet +8%
Rusty Plate Breast Plate +8%
Rusty Plate Gauntlets +8%
Rusty Plate Leggings +8%


Armor Defense Note
Bronze Studded Leather Jerkin +4%
Bronze Studded Leather Gauntlets +4%
Bronze Studded Leather Leggings +4%
Bronze Chain Mail Coif +8%
Bronze Chain Mail Tunic +8%
Bronze Chain Mail Bracers +8%
Bronze Chain Mail Leggings +8%
Bronze Plate Helmet +12%
Bronze Plate Breast Plate +12%
Bronze Plate Gauntlets +12%
Bronze Plate Leggings +12%


Armor Defense Note
Iron Leather Jerkin +6%
Iron Studded Leather Gauntlets +6%
Iron Leather Leggings +6%
Iron Chain Mail Coif +12%
Iron Chain Mail Tunic +12%
Iron Chain Mail Bracers +12%
Iron Chain Mail Leggings +12%
Iron Plate Helmet +20%
Iron Plate Breast Plate +20%
Iron Plate Gauntlets +20%
Iron Plate Leggings +20%


Armor Defense Note
Silver Leather Jerkin +9%
Silver Studded Leather Gauntlets +9%
Silver Leather Leggings +9%
Silver Chain Mail Coif +18%
Silver Chain Mail Tunic +18%
Silver Chain Mail Bracers +18%
Silver Chain Mail Leggings +18%
Silver Plate Helmet +28%
Silver Plate Breast Plate +28%
Silver Plate Gauntlets +28%
Silver Plate Leggings +28%


Armor Defense Note
Steel Leather Jerkin +13%
Steel Leather Gauntlets +13%
Steel Leather Leggings +13%
Steel Chain Mail Coif +26%
Steel Chain Mail Tunic +26%
Steel Chain Mail Bracers +26%
Steel Chain Mail Leggings +26%
Steel Plate Helmet +36%
Steel Plate Breast Plate +36%
Steel Plate Gauntlets +36%
Steel Plate Leggings +36%

Hardened Steel

Armor Defense Note
Hardened Steel Chain Mail Coif +34%
Hardened Steel Chain Mail Tunic +34%
Hardened Steel Chain Mail Bracers +34%
Hardened Steel Chain Mail Leggings +34%
Hardened Steel Plate Helmet +44%
Hardened Steel Breast Plate +44%
Hardened Steel Plate Gauntlets +44%
Hardened Steel Plate Leggings +44%


Armor Defense Note
Mithril Studded Leather Jerkin +20%
Mithril Studded Leather Gauntlets +20%
Mithril Studded Leather Leggings +20%
Mithril Chain Mail Coif +40%
Mithril Chain Mail Tunic +40%
Mithril Chain Mail Bracers +40%
Mithril Chain Mail Leggings +40%
Mithril Plate Helmet +52%
Mithril Plate Breast Plate +52%
Mithril Plate Gauntlets +52%
Mithril Plate Leggings +52%


Armor Defense Note
Obsidian Chain Mail Coif +48%
Obsidian Chain Mail Tunic +48%
Obsidian Chain Mail Bracers +48%
Obsidian Chain Mail Leggings +48%
Obsidian Plate Helmet +60%
Obsidian Plate Breast Plate +60%
Obsidian Plate Gauntlet +60%
Obsidian Plate Leggings +60%


Armor Defense Note
Pyrinium Plate Helmet +70%
Pyrinium Plate Breast Plate +70%
Pyrinium Plate Gauntlets +70%
Pyrinium Plate Leggings +70%


Armor Defense Note
Adaminium Plate Helmet +80%
Adaminium Plate Breast Plate +80%
Adaminium Plate Gauntlets +80%
Adaminium Plate Leggings +80%