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Amulets offer extremely powerful buffs that are always active and can't be dispelled. As the name of the very game itself implies, amulets are among the most rare and powerful items.

While rings offer some stat boosts, Amulets can offer up to +25 to any stat. Natural stats cap at 100, and modified stats cap at 120, so reaching the cap may only be possible with the right Amulet.

Only one amulet can be worn at a time. All amulets may be worn by any class.


Amulet Effect Note
Amulet of Magic +25 magic Great for casting end-game spells reliably.
Amulet of Regeneration +50% health regeneration Rings offer up to 40% health regen, so this amulet is fairly weak.
Amulet of Speed +25 speed Speed is one of the most satisfying stats in the game, so this amulet is great.
Amulet of Stealth +25 stealth Useful for sneaking around and stealing from enemies.
Amulet of Strength +25 strength Significant melee damage boost.
Amulet of Accuarcy +25 accuracy Accuracy is useful for critical hits.
Amulet of Poison Protection Resist poison damage Found at the end of the game.
Amulet of Fire Protection Resist fire damage Found at the end of the game.
Amulet of Lava Walking Lava walk
Amulet of Hiding Translucency Permanent Shadow Form, useful for sneaking around.
Amulet of Eternal Nourishment Food and Water remain constant Never have to eat or drink, but currently bugs the display of health & mana regeneration.
Amulet of Quickness +15 speed
Amulet of Jumping Increased jump power
Amulet of Flying Flight Found in the dragons' lair at the end of the game. Permanent flight is extremely powerful. Easily the best amulet.
Amulet of Falling Feather Fall Found in the tower outside Mattan's stronghold.
Amulet of Armor +50% shield
Amulet of Acid Protection Resist acid damage
Amulet of Electricity Protection Resist electric damage Found at the end of the game.
Amulet of Mana Drain Protection Resist drain damage Found at the end of the game.
Amulet of Mana Regeneration +50% mana regeneration Great mid-game amulet.